I am finally back in the blogging world! I decided that I need to get back on the computer or lose touch with people forever.  With my new start, I decided to start a new blog–just replace “wordpress” in my address with “blogspot”. 

See you here!

I know that I have not been the best at keeping this thing updated, but I’m not kidding that this time was not my fault!  As my munchkins and I are currently living with my parents, I have been using their computer for all of my computing needs.  Logan decided that this new model was just too full of wonder and mystery to not tinker around with, so he did some Logan voodoo on it and crashed the thing (I’m going to say right here to all of you: it DOES matter if your kid flips off the surge protector while everything is running–back your stuff up!)  I called a computer guy and told him what happened.

Him:  So what is it doing now?

Me: blue screen

Him: Oh, that’s bad. I can probably fix it for $$ dollars.

Me: Crap

A few days later, I learned that “oh, that’s bad” really means “I hope you have an extra kidney to sell–and you might want to think about indentured servitude.” Bottom line: $$$.  On top of this, the computer does not actually WORK.  No, after all the work was done, I was told “Btw, your motherboard is corroded and it’s probably not going to be long before your computer crashes again–oh, and you can make the check out to _________.”

I think the most frustrating thing is that I have no idea how much this kind of thing should actually cost.  If my child is broken, say, has a runny nose, and someone says, “this is going to cost you $800 to fix.” I know that he is an idiot, because I know something of what he’s talking about.  However, I don’t speak binary so I don’t have a leg to stand on. 

I can appreciate a life lesson learned though.  So here’s mine:

Save all your money, because one day your computer is going to crash and it is going to cost a lot of money to fix it–or not fix it.

My little Crazies

If my husband has to be gone, I am sure grateful that I have two little munchkins to keep me busy.  They totally crack me up!  Logan’s favorite movie right now is “Kung Fu Panda”, so he runs around doing little Kung Fu-chops and kicks and yelling “Ya!”  The most hilarious thing is when he sits on his little chair and yells “ayah oooOOOOOOOOO!” (“I love Kung Fu!”–you have to have seen the movie to get this part).  

Today, Annie asked if she could have some “red milk” (meaning whole milk–it has a red cap).  I’ve told her before that the red milk is for Logan so he can have a strong and healthy body.  She looked up at me and said, “But, mom!  My butt hurts!”  I didn’t know how to argue with that, so she got the red milk and is feeling much better.

So there you go–if you have a persistant ache in your drawers, try whole milk.

All alone by myself

Ryan has officially been gone for three weeks!  I keep trying to focus on the “look how far we’ve come” instead of the “look how much longer we have to go” side–because that is VERY depressing.  But the kids and I are doing great–and SO happy to be surrounded by lots of family and help.  We are trying to stay busy so if anyone wants buddies to hang out with, give me a call!!!

The Secret’s out!

sir, I need you to remove your shoes

sir, I need you to remove your shoes

It’s finally happened!  Many of our friends and family know that Ryan has been involved in a LOOOONG application process with the U.S. Secret Service.  Well, we finally got “the Call” that Ryan has been accepted!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!  He will leave for training the end of January, and our family will be relocating to Denver in August.  We are excited and nervous and relieved and grateful, and so many other things.  Of course, this means huge changes for our family–some that are only beginning to be apparent.  But we are confident that this is a good direction for our family, and we feel blessed that we can have this opportunity!

CONGRATULATIONS RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Review…

I have mentioned to people before about how it’s hard to update your blog when you don’t have pictures to go with your entries.  For me, it’s because my writing does not convey the message accurately enough–I need a picture so people will say, “Oh, that’s what she was talking about!”  Since my camera has blown-up, I have basically been rendered blog-mute.  But here’s what has happened the last little while:

Nov. 20th: Twlight Party! I had a little get together at my house before movie time at 11:59.  We played a couple of  trivia games, and made jewelry/charms with crystal hearts (cheater, I know–it’s in the second book), and ate some food, including “bitten” cupcakes.  I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, and I’ll tell ya, Robert Pattinson made an Edward fan out of me 🙂


Wednesday, Nov. 26th: went to work for the night, got called at 11:00pm by Ryan, saying Logan had cut his head open and knocked out a tooth (we’re still looking for it, too.)  Went home for the night, thanks to a couple of angel nurses who are superwomen (Karen and Lisa–thank you!)

Thursday, Nov. 27th: THANKSGIVING!!! Got to eat until I achieved fat-happiness, then back to work!

My little family has been battling the cold that keeps circulating among the four of us, but we were able to have some fun for the weekend as well, including a day adventure on TRAX and Frontrunner, just for the sake of “riding the train” Oh, the simple joys of little munchkins!

Yay! It’s my Birthday!

Nov.16th–One of my favorite days of the year!  Thanks to my awesome family that made it special and went out of their way to make me feel loved with phone calls, thoughts, food and gifts! Especially my hottie hubby for his extra special everything!!!


(I stole this pic from my sister, Katie.  A rare look into my underwear modeling days…..sigh…)

Bring Disney to me!

I would love to pack up right now and tow the family to Disneyland, but as that is not remotely possible, I am really excited that someone could bring Disneyland to me!  Since Disney on Ice is in town, Mickey and Minnie were invited to the Discovery Gateway yesterday to meet&greet and take a little tour.  I had my two kids and my niece, miss Ella, in tow to witness the blessed event.  We got the inside scoop from one of the workers on where Mickey and Minnie would be entering from, so we parked ourselves by the door.  As people began to gather, I was totally one of those bear moms that makes sure her kids have the best position, and I was NOT giving that up (sorry if I stepped on you).  It was so fun seeing the little kids so excited, and getting a little jittery myself! 


                                                      The two little girls going nuts over Mickey

We had such a fun time–then had a blast playing with all the fun stuff when everyone else cleared out.




Finally! My computer has been pitching fits, so this is way overdue, but I finally have some Halloween pics.  I absolutely LOVE Halloween, and I get really into it every year.  I make my kids costumes and our whole family dresses up, usually in some kind of theme.  This year, however, Annie developed an opinion and decided that she wanted to be Hannah Montana.  The deal was sealed when we were walking through Walmart one day and found little microphones that played “The Best of both Worlds”.  I love little girl heaven, and that’s right where Annie was from that point on. 


Rock Star pose, and then with her gear: gold guitar and sassy handbag (for the treats!)

Logan was a cute little monkey, inspired by the fact that he doesn’t talk, but walks around a lot with his lips flared out saying “oooh, oh, oooohh, AAAAAHHH!” So, monkey it was.  He was a trooper, humoring me by wearing the thing for as long as he did.  But he sure was stinkin’ cute.


And what Hannah Montana is complete without Billy Ray Cyrus?  Yup, we got him too…


The bummer deal was that I had to work Halloween night, so my costume was “Nurse rushing off to work”.  I did get to visit briefly with both sides of the family and show off the kids before taking off, then Ryan took over with candy duty and detox.  I did end up having a fun night at work, since everybody brought some food to share, one sweet gal even brought bread bowls and homemade clam chowder.  The highlight was Ryan bringing the kids by to trick-or-treat.  I always love showing them off, and we were able to visit with one of my patients that is really sick, and will be hospitalized until he gets a transplant.  It really made his night, and mine too!

Miss Rodeo Utah

Last Thursday night, Ryan and I had the opportunity of attending a gala celebration/send-off for Miss Rodeo Utah, who also happens to be Ryan’s cousin, Renae.  It was such a fun night, with a pretty hefty turnout.  The funds raised go to Renae to help her compete in the national competition in Las Vegas.  It was such a fun night, to be able to participate in auctions (live and silent) and be with a lot of family members we don’t get to see very often.  My father-in-law was able to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the night, and looked great dolled-up in his Western do-dads (I can guarantee that is the first time anyone has called Russ ‘dolled-up’).  I love that Ryan’s family has genuine hey-howdy-hey cowboys/girls!  It has exposed me to a new dimension of good times that are very unique and entertaining.

                                                                        photo courtesy missrodeoutah.org

Incidentally, I came away from the night with a movie gift basket, a new tent and a handful of goodies.  My in-laws, however, cleaned up with ice cream for a year (I swear, I BELONG to this family!) and a new HORSE!  I could’ve come up with other occupants for that second bedroom, but this will be much more interesting…

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