Miss Rodeo Utah

Last Thursday night, Ryan and I had the opportunity of attending a gala celebration/send-off for Miss Rodeo Utah, who also happens to be Ryan’s cousin, Renae.  It was such a fun night, with a pretty hefty turnout.  The funds raised go to Renae to help her compete in the national competition in Las Vegas.  It was such a fun night, to be able to participate in auctions (live and silent) and be with a lot of family members we don’t get to see very often.  My father-in-law was able to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the night, and looked great dolled-up in his Western do-dads (I can guarantee that is the first time anyone has called Russ ‘dolled-up’).  I love that Ryan’s family has genuine hey-howdy-hey cowboys/girls!  It has exposed me to a new dimension of good times that are very unique and entertaining.

                                                                        photo courtesy missrodeoutah.org

Incidentally, I came away from the night with a movie gift basket, a new tent and a handful of goodies.  My in-laws, however, cleaned up with ice cream for a year (I swear, I BELONG to this family!) and a new HORSE!  I could’ve come up with other occupants for that second bedroom, but this will be much more interesting…


  1. Katie Said:

    wow that sounds like fun! So is that Russ and Pauline that bought the horse then?? And byetheway, post some Halloween pics so I can see Logan and Annie!

  2. Monica Said:

    I love your in-laws! I could totally see Bishop Campbell “dolled up” in a cowboy outfit! What an exciting family!

  3. tanya Said:

    Hey girl, you all are looking very good in your family photo.. Your kids are growing up.. If you have a day off you should come see me.. you can bring the kids.. Just as long as no one has a cold or something.. I would love to see you.. Send me your email and i will send you my number so you can call me.. or send me your number and I will call you..
    Love ya… Tell my 2E family I said hi and I love them too..

  4. tanya Said:

    my email is daizy_711@yahoo.com

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