Finally! My computer has been pitching fits, so this is way overdue, but I finally have some Halloween pics.  I absolutely LOVE Halloween, and I get really into it every year.  I make my kids costumes and our whole family dresses up, usually in some kind of theme.  This year, however, Annie developed an opinion and decided that she wanted to be Hannah Montana.  The deal was sealed when we were walking through Walmart one day and found little microphones that played “The Best of both Worlds”.  I love little girl heaven, and that’s right where Annie was from that point on. 


Rock Star pose, and then with her gear: gold guitar and sassy handbag (for the treats!)

Logan was a cute little monkey, inspired by the fact that he doesn’t talk, but walks around a lot with his lips flared out saying “oooh, oh, oooohh, AAAAAHHH!” So, monkey it was.  He was a trooper, humoring me by wearing the thing for as long as he did.  But he sure was stinkin’ cute.


And what Hannah Montana is complete without Billy Ray Cyrus?  Yup, we got him too…


The bummer deal was that I had to work Halloween night, so my costume was “Nurse rushing off to work”.  I did get to visit briefly with both sides of the family and show off the kids before taking off, then Ryan took over with candy duty and detox.  I did end up having a fun night at work, since everybody brought some food to share, one sweet gal even brought bread bowls and homemade clam chowder.  The highlight was Ryan bringing the kids by to trick-or-treat.  I always love showing them off, and we were able to visit with one of my patients that is really sick, and will be hospitalized until he gets a transplant.  It really made his night, and mine too!


  1. Katie Said:

    You make the costumes??!! I am so impressed. They look darling! Sorry that you had to work.

  2. Somer Said:

    So cute!!! Love the costumes! I am sure everyone on 2E was happy to see Hannah 🙂 I wish you would of said hi at Taste. It was pretty crazy I wish it was a bit longer! So many people such lil time!

    Thanks for all your help that night it was a record breaking night!!!! We raised double than last year!


  3. […] She also is extremely creative, blessed with a great talent for improvisation and design (check out Logan’s monkey costume she made on her blog). I love her to death and am so proud to call her my sister and my […]

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