All alone by myself

Ryan has officially been gone for three weeks!  I keep trying to focus on the “look how far we’ve come” instead of the “look how much longer we have to go” side–because that is VERY depressing.  But the kids and I are doing great–and SO happy to be surrounded by lots of family and help.  We are trying to stay busy so if anyone wants buddies to hang out with, give me a call!!!


  1. vivien Said:

    Natalie – we’d love to get together and play with you guys one of these days! Shoot me an e-mail & let me know when you guys are free & we’ll plan something fun for the kiddo’s (and it’ll be good to see you too)!

  2. Mindy Smith Said:

    OH MY WORD!!! WE live in Denver! Ha! Where are you going to be moving to? Do you know? E-MAIL ME!!! Tell me when you are moving, and where, and what I can do to help, whatnot! You are the bomb. Good luck being alone for a little while. Your kids are darling, I am sure you will be just fine. You are probably a supermom too. Call or e-mail me!


  3. Pitts Said:

    Natalie –

    It’s been such a long time. I’m so happy for you and your family! Kids are great. I’m so glad you’ve been able to be at home with them. Dylan has said some pretty funny things, too that you just can’t say no to afterward. I can’t wait to hear what things Abigail has to say with a brother as clever as he is.

    Hang in there. You’ve always been so happy and optimistic. If you’re still in SLC, let me know and we’ll keep you company – McD’s has a GREAT place to play …. hahahaha.


  4. Marianne Said:

    Oh Nat. I wish we were closer- I would totally hang out. That husband gone thing is no fun. Your little girls is hilarious…not surprising with you as her mama. Good luck with the future….
    p.s. it’s good to see some new posts. keep ’em coming!:)

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