My little Crazies

If my husband has to be gone, I am sure grateful that I have two little munchkins to keep me busy.  They totally crack me up!  Logan’s favorite movie right now is “Kung Fu Panda”, so he runs around doing little Kung Fu-chops and kicks and yelling “Ya!”  The most hilarious thing is when he sits on his little chair and yells “ayah oooOOOOOOOOO!” (“I love Kung Fu!”–you have to have seen the movie to get this part).  

Today, Annie asked if she could have some “red milk” (meaning whole milk–it has a red cap).  I’ve told her before that the red milk is for Logan so he can have a strong and healthy body.  She looked up at me and said, “But, mom!  My butt hurts!”  I didn’t know how to argue with that, so she got the red milk and is feeling much better.

So there you go–if you have a persistant ache in your drawers, try whole milk.


  1. Michelle Said:

    Too funny!!! Your kids are great! I am amazed it has allready been three weeks, time flys, but that is probably just because I am not the one with a husband out of town. I would love to get together again soon!

  2. Somer Love Said:

    Are you still working?

    Keep your chin up! I am glad your lil munchkins are entertaining you 🙂

  3. Monica Said:

    I can’t imagine having a husband gone. How long is he going to be gone for? Good Luck!! Your kids are adorable!!

  4. Marianne Said:

    So I left a comment in the previous post…. but I don’t know if you go back to post and read:) Good luck with everything Nat. Maybe we will cross paths here again someday:)

  5. Leslie Said:

    How’s it going? I have been wondering how you were holding up with Ryan being gone. If you want to get together give me a call. I hope all is well
    801-918-1685 Take care

  6. Marianne Said:

    Oh funny story…well, not really for you, but your story made me laugh. Lame computers. I feel that way about cars. How are you???

  7. Angela Kenny Said:

    I sure will be saving this website, what an awesome read. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more from your site in the near future.

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